Children’s Books

I think I would like to write my own Children’s Book, how should I get started?

I would first recommend making the decision whether you would like to self-publish or work through a publication company. Self-publishing is usually the less expensive route, but there is a lot more work involved on your part as the author (marketing, printing, etc.) as well as work for the illustrator. Working with an established publication company is super helpful as they will guide through the entire process and make sure you don’t miss any details, but it is more costly. A lot of publication companies already have their own illustrators to choose from as well, but many would let you bring along your own illustrator.

Next you need to put together a solid manuscript of your story and get it proof read. Keep in a mind you want to keep your story easy to follow and typically within a 32-page max. Also keep in mind what your target age group is.

How much do you charge?

Children’s books are typically 32 pages long. I charge between $50 – $100 a page depending on the complexity of what needs to be illustrated on that page. Full background shots and multiple characters in a scene are elements that add to the complexity of page. The cover and back would be a separate charge but we can use a illustration from the inside of the book and convert that into a cover.

There’s plenty more details to get into! If you’re interested in getting connected with me please click here to go to the contact form.